Which kind of marketing really works? Let's find out together.

Learn: We'll take a look behind the curtain of hype and promises, by making our hands dirty: Let's implement promising marketing and business systems, do case studies, and see what kind of performance we get.
Network: Too many marketers and coaches never had a successful business of their own. Let's take matters in our own hands: In a community of real business owners.
Implement: There are 2 things that keep us from going forward. 1) Not enough cutting-edge knowledge. 2) Not doing what we know is right. Let's overcome both challenges by helping each other to success.

"We’re in this together.
And it is my true believe that those entrepreneurs and companies should thrive and profit the most
who really nail their offers, provide really high quality, and drive customer satisfaction to insane heights.

This way, we all win."

Daniel Förster, Founder of Marketing Under Fire

March 2017

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