Against The Cashflow Rollercoaster? How Josh Turner Wants Us To Consistently Generate Appointments

Scott Oldford’s “SSF Method”: A Lead Generation System Based On Relevancy And Intimacy
April 8, 2017

Against The Cashflow Rollercoaster? How Josh Turner Wants Us To Consistently Generate Appointments

J osh Turner’s the guy who developed this very strategic, very systematic way of lead generation. While I saw some impressive first results with this method back in winter 2015/2016, I never fully implemented it like it’s supposed to be.

So, this is promising. What’s the deal?

Basically, it goes like this:

  • Build up a rather networking-oriented, niche-focused online community (e.g. on Facebook or LinkedIn) where you can be the first under equals
  • Become an authority to the community members because you’re the founder and because you’re curating/creating valuable content
  • Talk to them. Like, really. Actual conversations. ;-)
  • Get to know each other and see if you can contribute to each other lifes/businesses.

I won’t lie to you. Business owners like us, they need more clarity and guidance on what strategy is effective and works in their special situation. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

It’s funny that both of us actually, truly are in this together.

So, I’d like to see for myself what business and marketing strategies are the most effective, and I want to share and discuss my findings with you. I want to go this path together with you.

Is it valuable to you to know what’s probably the most effective strategy right now in your individual situation? I think so. For me, it’s extremely valuable. Especially if you read my 90 Day Letter.

That’s why I created the „Marketing Under Fire“ community.

To get more insights into how this method works EXACTLY, I’ll show you what I’m doing. Hopefully, you’ll be able to model it and have some success with it yourself.

A more in-depth guide on this method will be published alongside my own business being a case study. One of my clients in the Health industry will jump in, too. If you want to know how I’m building all of this, just join our community.

Wishing you lots of success,



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