CLARITY: A 90 Day And 11,100€ Letter To Myself

Scott Oldford’s “SSF Method”: A Lead Generation System Based On Relevancy And Intimacy
April 8, 2017

A 3 Months And 11,100€ Letter To Myself

R ight now? I’m not only German, living in Berlin. I’m also dead broke. Like, seriously.

This is my first article on what will be my new project for at least the next 5-10 years. And I decided to follow the advice of Scott Oldford, who’s LeadCraft 2.0 program I’m using to rapidly build up my business again, as I put the finishing touches to this webseite…

I decided to write a 90 Day Letter to myself.

A letter in which I boldly proclaim what I will do and accomplish within the next 3 months (so a little more than 90 days, actually). Probably to read the letter again after those 3 months have passed, thinking how stupid I’ve been… but let’s just try for a minute, shall we? ;-)

And what could be the best fresh start after your last business project failed just a couple of weeks ago because it didn’t work out anymore with your business partners?

(You’ll find more details on that particular recent episode of my recent life in my personal emails. And yeah, it was mostly me who fucked up, though I didn’t mean it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, don’t they say? Right now, I'm working hard to meet the responsibilities that arose for me.)

So, without further ado, let’s get the party started.

We‘re in this together, aren’t we? We both don’t exactly KNOW which of the supposedly „world class“ marketing systems truly work – at least for us, in our specific situation, under special circumstances, in our market and niche.


Back to Square One

Today’s April 24th of 2017. Back to Square One. At least it feels that way.

Within about 3 months, it will be July the 31th.

I want to achieve in just 3 months what others need a year to do. Hell, what I would need a year to do if the situation wasn’t so grave.

Right now, I may not have any money. But I know exactly what business and marketing systems I can follow to recover financially myself… while at the same time showing you live how I’m implementing those systems, so you can do it, too.

So, what’s this „Marketing Under Fire“ network of business owners I’m building here?

We‘re in this together, aren’t we? We both don’t exactly KNOW which of the supposedly „world class“ marketing systems from the likes of Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Dan Kennedy, Ryan Levesque or the likes truly work – at least for us, in our specific situation, under special circumstances, in our market and niche.

That’s why, within the next 3 months, I’m using several of those systems to try and rapidly build up my coaching and marketing business again. And I’ll go in full transparency mode to show you what works and what doesn’t.


What’s on my plate

(and why I may be fucked, but at least you get case studies out of it)

Before I tell you and me – I’m writing this letter for self-accountability first – what specific goals I want to reach, let’s just recap my mission:

„I help business owners improve their results and tackle their inner resistance against success (like fear, self-doubt, procrastination, low productivity, shiny object syndrome and jumping from strategy to strategy) by looking behind the hype and guru promises, strategically finding and testing the most effective business and marketing systems.“

So, my mission is to provide more CLARITY to us business owners about what’s the most effective way to grow our business, in our special situation.

That's why I'm organizing this "Marketing Under Fire" Business-Network into a haven for strategic clarity and direction. A place where, one day, decades of experience from thousands of business owners melt with cutting edge knowledge of trusted industry pioneers, each one in their niche.

In the beginning, I’ll use systems I already trust, though I don’t KNOW if they will work in my special situation: I want (more exactly NEED) to earn 11.100€ in revenue within the next 3 months, from scratch.

And no, I'm definitely not good at selling.

Phew, now that I said it, this will be a huge challenge.

But I chose my weapons wisely. Let’s just hope I’m not getting overwhelmed, wich is a very real possibility.

These are some of the systems I’ll follow (will explain them later in more detail):

  • The „SSF Method“ for building out a scalable, automatic web-based lead generation system, i.e. a sales funnel – thanks, Scott Oldford!
  • The „Appointment Generator“ to get to know many business owners fast, by actually talking to people, like for real (yeah, sounds crazy, right?) – thanks, Josh Turner!
  • The „6-Figure Speaker System“ to hold live events and profit from them – thanks, Justin Devonshire!
  • The „Email Insider“ method for writing and succeeding with daily emails, based on Andre Chaperons „Auto Responder Madness“, but with quite some additions and his very own approach – thanks, Rene Rink!
  • The „Unstoppable Referrals“ approach to getting referrals systematically, without pushing or making someone (including yourself) feel bad about it – thanks, Steve Gordon!
  • The „Social Media Domination“ and „DREAM100“ strategies – thanks, Dan Meredith and Dexter Abraham!

And, basically, that’s it. With case studies, of course. Not only from me, also from clients with whom I implement a greater variety of systems. But I also don’t want to be all over the place, so have patience and enjoy the case studies.

Okay, let’s throw around some more metrics.

Coming 31th of July, I want to:

  • Produce 3 blog posts per week on the topic of Marketing and Business Systems (and if they’re really as great as we’ve been promised if we just put in the work), ideally in both English and German
  • Run 2 Facebook Groups on this topic, one in English and one in German
  • Grow the network by 100 well-chosen business owners each week (we won't take on everyone)
  • Reach my list of daily and weekly tasks (mostly implementing the systems I spoke about)
  • Have made about 11,100€ in revenue from scratch (guys, I’m so broke it's even hard for me to invest in some Facebook Ads…)

And if all of this DOESN’T work out?

Well, then at least you should have enjoyed the show. ;-) And I'll learn from my mistakes and shortcomings.

I’m surely even more anxious than you are as how all of this plays out… there’s quite something at stake for me here. Man, let’s kiss the dice and roll them!

Oh, and just one last thing: „When the going get’s tough, the tough get going.“ Great quote. Just that I’m not THAT tough. So let’s try and grow some skin, shall we? I always found that I grew the most when being in overwhelming situations.

Let’s find out, Daniel




P.S.: If all of this works out just half as fine as I hope? Then, in 3 months, I’ll tackle one of my favourite systems of all time and use it for my own business:

The „ASK Method“, courtesy of Ryan Levesque.

Yeah, really, I’m a fanboy.

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff in the community! You can join here (click).


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