Hey, great to have you here! :-)

I'm Daniel, who are you?

Every time I see a new face knock on the door of our "Marketing Under Fire" community, I'm truly excited.
Very curious to get to know you.
(I'm the founder of this community.)

Just to remind you how we do things around here:

Everyone that seems legit may take a 7 day peak into our "Marketing Under Fire" Facebook community, if he doesn't want to join right off the batch. At least you get to know the Facebook part of it.
After your request to join our Facebook group was granted, you've got exactly 7 days to see if we are a great fit for you. Then, you've got to make a decision to join our community and get your "Reliable Revenue Business" Guide: In or out?
It's totally ok if you don't want to stay. We're not looking to be become the biggest group on earth. This is only for serious small business owners, remember? So, no hard feelings.

Okay, that said, I'd be REALLY excited to have another hard-working small business owner with us.

All of us have just so many value to share. And every new member is a great addition on the way to more clarity and certainty on how to run and grow a successful business.

See you on the other side,
Daniel Förster
Founder of the "Marketing Under Fire" community

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