Scott Oldford’s “SSF Method”: A Lead Generation System Based On Relevancy And Intimacy

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Lead Generation Based On Relevancy And Intimacy: Scott Oldford's "SSF Method"

T his guy bounced back from broke and $726,000 in debt in early 2013 to aiming close to $10 million in revenue for 2017: Scott Oldford’s emphasis on the power of relevance and (personal) connection for successful lead generation seems to have a case.

His approach is simple yet elaborate:

"You need to speak to your potential customer according to the mindset he’s in right now, regarding your solution."

SSF is short for „Sidewalk“, „Slow Lane“, and „Fast Lane“.

In the „Slow Lane“, people generally are solution-focused. They try and research viable and effective solutions for their problem. They’re not ready to buy yet from you, though.

Instead of just catering to the „Fast-Laners“, who generally make up only 2-3% of your market, tap into the much larger 30-40% market share consisting of „Slow Lane“ and „Sidewalk“ leads.

Come back later to read the full overview on this lead generation system for your online marketing – and how I’m using it.



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